Do not grow weary of doing well

img_20180907_100251543_hdrMinistry has become daily contact with bloody everybody.  Today Mormons, Orthodox, Dutch Reformed.  Yesterday Muslim, atheist, Roman Catholic.  Week in and week out I have routine contact with all sorts.  Most everybody is trying to get along.  You never know who is hurting worst, and who is trying hardest to hurt.  Evangelizing is massively difficult.  With a little effort marvelous things can be done.

Doug taught me to pray FOR people.  Most of my prayers were to sort them out.  Now I realize that the Good News is still: The Coming of the Kingdom of God.

It is not my cult’s special formulation of mixed metaphors.  The Coming of the Kingdom of God is first described in the creation verses.  In the “Lord’s Prayer” it is tete malkunah.  That arrival of God’s creative impulse.  Jesus came preaching the “coming of the kingdom of God.”  Try it.  Build something beautiful with everybody you meet.  Don’t have to tell them “Jesus loves you.”  Just love them.

Don’t fight them about their beliefs, memberships, actions, ideas.  Just love them.

That is why nobody is good at evangelism.  Everybody is trying to rewire everybody else.

Mitch said, “Greenville (NC) is just a large body of pain.  Like a dog, it bites at itself.  It rushes back and forth in huge cars trying to buy something that stops the pain.  You can join them if you want. Or stand aside and watch.”

People are advertising their lethality, or virility, or wealth, or sensuality because they are scared to death of their mortality.

Rather than change their minds, try to ease the pain.

Even if you can’t walk well or speak well, sing well or teach well you can love well.




World Heritage site Wadden Zee

A camping trip on Terschelling. Like paying $30 daily to live at the Graffenwoehr or Hohenfels camps, in a beer tent and at Asbury Park all in one.  The photos show the tide out (Wadden Zee) with people slogging through the mud because that is what you do; A reverse shot across the polder to the dunes that stand of the North Sea on the (you guessed right) North;  little birds snuggled up under my bike in the sunshine waiting for me to drop my little lunch (Three eggs, ham and cheese on brown bread.)





No graven images, no grave

Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.  I don’t care who you are.  I don’t care what you look like.   It is not what you have done or not done.  It is not your religion, your behavior, your willingness.  Your body is where the blood of Jesus is poured out.

Image result for elephant man

Nobody is left out.  Nobody is too blemished.  God doesn’t love you because you are good, because you never have been.  Or because you are cute, although some may be for a limited time.

The only way He can set you free is to bleed on you and that is done in the temple and that is you.

You can go to a church house, but don’t call it a church because you are the church.  Don’t think the church is out there,  think “in here!”

No graven image.  Your living self.  No grave with the dead burying the dead.

Just say Yes!  Be all you can be!  Grasp it and hold on!  Take a second helping!  Live abundantly!



seeing all that is there

I wrote a blog about the farmer, the hunter and the surd.  This may have been too much of a stretch for some.  The same story is in God’s blog about Cain and Abel.  Both farmers.  Abel killed the lamb. Cain killed Abel, and this killing made Cain the surd.  A surd is an irrational number.   A social surd is a sin.  Simply irrational.

In Genesis 31 Jacob sacrifice a sacrifice on the mountain.  The verb and noun are Zebaq.  sacrifice.  On the cross Jesus says “Eli, Eli lama zabaqthani.” My God my God, why have you forsaken me.”  Or, or, or, “Why have you sacrificed me.”  I didn’t see all that was there.

Here is the beauty of Flanders.  A delicious 4 day bike ride



36 Celsius

Doesn’t sound hot…to an American.

No air conditioning.  Well, some people have it.  Less than 1% of the population has it.  It is just like Kansas.  It last rained in May.

I got a four hour bike ride in… Marvelous.  But it was time to quit.

The Netherlands has suffered worse.

Soon my computer will shut itself off…


Farmer, Hunter, Surd

Buber leads me to understand that the soldier, becoming aware, chooses to give up life rather than kill.  Further, that the soldier does not put this into practice.  In retrospect I would do so, not submitting to be killed, but to give up life.  For the soldier wishes to keep life, and at the same time imperils life, the soldier’s and others.  And to not do so, the soldier must give up life and accept a life of not soldiering.

But soldiers are of two kinds: Farmers and hunters.  Civilians are of three kinds:  Farmers, hunters and surds.  Buber writes of revolutionaries.  His revolutionaries were surds.  The extreme form is the anarchist.

When the farmer kills, the farmer kills of necessity.  When the hunter kills, the hunter kills of essence.  When the surd kills there is no good reason.

Reversing this we see the existential nature of hunter and farmer and the absurdity of the surd.  The killer out of necessity is the farmer.  The essential killer is the hunter.  The irrational killer is the surd.  Wretched men that they are they cannot do other.

Awareness leads to consideration.  To put things side by side.  In Europe I watch the news.  A revolutionary is telling a story which demands change.  The change may be enlightened management of pork carcass cleaning.  This would be responsible revolution.  The change may be public opinion about Donald Trump.  Since Europe has no control over Donald Trump, this would be absurd.  This would be news meant to provide carcasses to feed on, essentially viewers.  Feeding on human carcasses is ghoulish.

Were I to stop here I would be absurd.  But I see that the European displays internationally a behavior, and considere, and putting this side by side with the US behavior , I see a surd that is spinning people into two poles in order to feed on the people.

Let the farmer farm, and kill of necessity.  Let the hunter hunt.  This third thing that is going on, this cynical punditry, this uninformed mass sloganism, this proliferation of cartoons and memes is absurd.  Barren.  Without issue.  Unsinn, Unkultuur.

Perhaps we have grown to young to see the clashes of today side by side with those of the twentieth century.



small things, big difference


The Canta is a two-seater with room for groceries.  It is either electric or a 200cc Honda.  There is a version you can drive from your wheelchair.  No driver’s license is required in the Netherlands.  Approved for urban roads and bike paths that allow scooters.  Max speed about 30MPH.  Two thirds of Americans cannot even get into it.  Nederlanders over two meters tall won’t be comfortable.  Most American non-business non-interstate driving could be done in this.

The other small thing is at the very end of the 26th chapter of Genesis.  The King James version of the bible uses the word “mind” to translate what is elsewhere translated as Ghost or spirit.   Your spirit is your mind.  Get it?  No churches get it.  No seminaries get it.  The holy Spirit is the holy Mind.  Nothing more.  Nothing mysterious, occult.  The baptism of the “Holy Spirit” then becomes the baptism of the mind of God.  Washed with the mind of God.  Cleaned by the mind of God.  Half of the purpose of American Christianity is de-mythologized by this text.

I’ve been looking for this, and overlooking it, for years.  Hebrew usage agrees with Aramaic.